"Ignore the obvious, exaggerate the essential"- Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother, Theo.

Play what you hear, not what you think you hear. Often, our intellects and the knowledge we have accumulated get in the way of our spontaneity and prevent us from taking chances and playing what we hear.  Out minds may tell us that it's not possible to play a certain note against a particular chord when, in fact, it is. It's important to remember that Music is a temporal Art form and consequently, under different circumstances created by a flowing musical current, it's possible to play any note against any chord.

Keep hearing ahead....As the player is improvising in the present, one must be able to hear into the future, preferably as far ahead as possible......and as the future becomes the present, as past is thus created and the player should continually link this past to the future.....in the present!